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Current projects are those for which we firmly expect to receive consent in future.  They are at an advanced stage of the development process and almost all will be submitted to consenting authorities.  We do not display below the large pipeline of development projects that we have at earlier stages in the development process.

Detailed project information is availabile via the hyperlinks in the table.


W trakcie rozwoju

8 sites, 1,093MW

Country FilterDeveloperReset
YearWind FarmDeveloperCountryTotal MWUnitsTurbine Rating
2014Longpark ExtensionWind Prospect & EDF ERSzkocja1472
2013Fox CovertWind ProspectAnglia1042.50
2013UungulaWind Prospect CWPAustralia622.502492.50
2013BangoWind Prospect CWPAustralia20075tba
2013Saddle HillWind Prospect & EDF ERSzkocja35142.50
2012Crudine RidgeWind Prospect CWPAustralia13577tba
2011Glen LonanWind Prospect & EDF ERSzkocja22112
2010BraemoreWind Prospect & EDF ERSzkocja54183

* At Appeal      Note: 'Year' is the year of submission

Bliskie ukończenia

2 sites, 279MW

Wind FarmDeveloperCountryTotal MWUnitsTurbine Rating
WillatookWind ProspectAustralia261873
MonquhillWind ProspectSzkocja17.5053.50

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